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Press Releases

11-Nov-10 Time for LITS to deliver on sustainable transport
25-Mar-10 All Aboard the "Bike Train"
22-Feb-10 Response to Tameside MBC's LITS "Consultation"
19-Oct-09 Road planners need reality check
24-Mar-09 Banning lorries would make life better without costing the earth
26-Feb-09 A628 bypass is never going to happen – get used to it
28-Oct-08 Halloween Walk In Swallow's Wood
23-Jul-08 Bypass costs may reach £315 million
07-Nov-07 Response to the Mottram-Tintwistle PI Adjournment
13-Aug-07 Nature Walk & Picnic
23-Mar-07 Mottram Tintwistle Bypass Doubles in Cost -- Time for a Rethink
24-Oct-06 Event: Halloween-themed Nature Walk
06-Jun-06 Response to the Highways Agency’s Announcement Regarding the A628 Bypass
25-Apr-06 Nature walk success!
04-Apr-06 Two walks organised by local anti-bypass campaigners
21-Mar-06 Survey reveals 70% support an HGV ban
28-Feb-06 Mottram residents speak out against bypass plans
06-Feb-06 Local campaigners revive "tree dressing" tradition
24-Nov-05 Tameside Council's 90% claim is pure propaganda
07-Nov-05 Glossop Spur planning consultation process is a sham
14-Oct-05 Local campaigners protest outside the Peak District National Park Headquarters over their support for the A628 bypass
19-Jul-05 Tameside are failing the public on transport
17-Jun-05 Mottram Showground features in a national landscape exhibition
08-Jun-05 Local group urges walkers to report wildlife sightings

Related Media Coverage

20-Aug-08 Bypass inquiry delayed - again (Glossop Advertiser)
16-Aug-08 Cost of Britain's road-building projects soars by almost £4bn (Independent)
29-Jul-08 Bypass cost may treble (Manchester Evening News)
07-Nov-07 Bypass hearing delayed again (Manchester Evening News)
19-Sep-07 Bypass Cable Shock (Glossop Advertiser)
18-Sep-07 Cyclists protests against bypass plan (Manchester Evening News)
12-Sep-07 Inquiry into bypass halted (Manchester Evening News)
10-Sep-07 Congestion growing at twice national rate (Manchester Evening News) -- see original press release (Campaign for Better Transport)
05-Sep-07 Traffic should go round park (Glossop Advertiser)
29-Aug-07 Bypass parks threat (Glossop Advertiser)
15-Aug-07 Bypass bike demo support is critical (Glossop Advertiser)
09-Aug-07 The road fix (New Statesman)
08-Apr-07 Labour’s ‘stealth’ road schemes (Sunday Times)
30-Mar-07 Green plea to stop Peak probe (Manchester Evening News)
01-Mar-07 Road Rage: Building roads doesn't work (The Ecologist)
29-Jan-07 MPs split on congestion charging (Manchester Evening News)
26-Jan-07 Congestion charging: the big debate (Manchester Evening News)
02-Aug-06 MPs call for a capital bus service (Manchester Evening News)
28-Jul-06 The Highways Agency has lost control of the roads budget (The Guardian)
03-Jul-06 Green study finds bypasses fail (BBC)
24-Jun-06 Penistone MP seeks rail solution (RMT)
09-May-06 Peak gateway faces fresh delays (Manchester Evening News)
22-Apr-06 Spending on more roads hits £1bn in environmental U-turn (The Times)
07-Apr-06 National Park Authority objects to A628 bypass plan (PDNPA)
24-Mar-06 Tameside businesses back bypass (GM Chamber of Commerce)
22-Mar-06 Company aims to reopen rail link (BBC)
09-Mar-06 Poll shows massive no vote for bypass (Tameside Advertiser)
03-Mar-06 Pot holes are "traffic calming" measure (Manchester Evening News)
01-Feb-06 Bypass plans unveiled to public
04-Dec-05 Beauty spot drivers face road toll (The Observer)
18-Oct-05 Campaign of the week (Guardian G2)
01-Nov-05 BBC Radio 4, PM
07-Jul-05 Keep your hands off our beauty spot (Tameside Advertiser)

Campaign Update

See the front page for latest news.

It's official! There is no money until 2016!
26-02-09 ::
4NW have confirmed that bypass funding has been delayed until 2016. The official announcement will be made tomorrow (Friday) but the local press are already all over it, largely thanks to Tom Levitt, who is apparently furious. You can read our press release here.

A big thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation. We may just have made a difference...

Hot off the press...
24-02-09 ::
We're hearing tales through the grapevine that funding for the bypass has been delayed. 4NW haven't made any official announcement so we don't know all the details yet, but we will post them here as soon as we find out what's going on...

Stop the money, stop the scheme!
24-01-09 ::
A new year, and a new opportunity. The regional funding allocation process is underway. This is when each region decides which transport projects should be allocated money from the budget. This year the North West region is 35% over budget, thanks to the ever-increasing costs of road schemes like Mottram Tintwistle. We're asking the region to withdraw funding for the scheme and divert the money to environmentally sustainable alternative, like the mersey tramway, and other public transport schemes. More....

12-Dec-08 ::
A big thank you to everyone who turned out last night to support us at the Xmas party and quiz, to Jane and Mick at the Bull's Head for providing the venue and hospitality, and Lunar Coup for the wonderful music. The night was a great success and will definitely be repeated in 2009!

T-shirts? Sold out!
12-Dec-08 ::
We're delighted to be able to report we've sold out of our limited edition t-shirts. We'll be printing a new range in 2009. To pre-order, send an e-mail to stuff[at]

Quiz night--tonight!!
:: Don't forget, tonight's the night of our Great Big Save Swallow's Wood Christmas Party and Quiz! Join us the Bull's Head, Tintwistle from 8pm onwards.

Nature Walk This Weekend!
:: On Sunday 2nd November we're organising a nature walk around the Swallow's Wood Nature Reserve. Please come along to discover more about the threatened area on our doorstep. You can download our poster or read more about the walk in the press release.

We're also holding our first ever Christmas party in December. This will include food, music, and a quiz with some fabulous prizes. Contact us for more information.

More delays say incompetent Highways Agency.
30-Aug-08 :: Last week the Highways Agency announced the inquiry would be delayed even further to give them the time they need to fix all the errors in their original submission(s) to the Inquiry. For more information, see the press article. You can read the HA justification for the delay in the Inquiry document HA/78 (see Persona news page)

Bypass costs rise 20-70%!!!
23-Jul-08 :: Information published by the DfT last week revealed that the cost of the bypass could rise between 20 to 70%! Worst case (for the DfT) the scheme could come in at a whopping £315 million--a far cry from the £90 million first put forward by the DfT in 2001.
Read our press release to find out more.

Questions of clarification, answers of confusion
21-Jul-08 :: Today we received a letter from the Highways Agency in response to questions of clarification regarding the timing of the publication of evidence. The Highways Agency were supposed to report back to the inquiry in May, but failed to do so, leaving objectors of the scheme in limbo. No-one seems to know (or be prepared to say) when any information will be forthcoming. See the HA response here.

Documents page added
25-Apr-08 :: We've added a page linking to useful documents that relate to the bypass, such as the AST, the Nichols report (which singles out Mottram-Tintwistle as an example of the Highways Agency's poor financial management), and others. Visit the Documents and Freedom of Information page to find out more.

Still no progress
25-Apr-08 :: The waiting game continues. Apparently the Highways Agency will have finished the traffic modelling sometime in May and the Environmental Statement will be published some time in October. For the latest information, visit the Persona website.

2008 Update?
07-Mar-08 :: Still no news about the status of the documentation and the public inquiry, but it would seem we're not the only ones in the dark, as the Inspector recently submitted a document to the Inquiry asking when/if the HA intend to submit their new evidence to the inquiry (see PDF). What we do know that Stephen Greenhalgh is no longer running the show for the Highways Agency and that traffic cameras installed on Market Street, Hollingworth recently suggest that someone's looking at the traffic forecasts again. Watch this space...

National Grid's plans for Woodhead threaten alternatives
15-Dec-07 :: National Grid is proposing to use the Woodhead rail tunnel for cabling. If this goes ahead the tunnel will no longer be viable for rail use, which means a key alternative to the bypass and the problem of transpennine rail freight will be lost. A national campaign to keep the tunnel open is being organised by Campaign for Better Transport, and a local campaign is launching on December 18th at Bradbury House, Glossop. See and for information about the campaign and actions you can take to prevent this going ahead. See also the recent Guardian article.

More PI delays likely
04-Dec-07 :: The Highways Agency have announced they are unlikely to have the revised inquiry documents ready until Easter 2008. We'll find out more when the inquiry reopens, albeit briefly, on December 18th.

Limited edition "Save Swallow's Wood" T-shirts on sale!
15-Nov-07 :: Looking for gifts for Christmas, or just looking to spruce up your wardrobe? Then look no further. Now you can be the proud owner of a handmade, ethically sourced, limited edition campaign t-shirt. Support us and get something funky in return.

Order your t-shirt here

Inquiry adjourned again, until December 18th
07-Nov-07 :: What a pointless exercise. On 6th November objectors and promoters gathered to hear the latest on the Highways Agency's changes to their evidence and supporting documentation in response to the errors they found in September. Despite redoing some of their evidence, they admitted they have since found further errors ("anomalies") in the traffic model, which invalidate all the evidence they have so far republished. At the public's expense, the HA are now going over their work for a fifth time to fix these errors. The inquiry will reconvene on December 18th 2007, when the HA hope to be able to tell us all how these latest errors will impact on the Inquiry going forward. For full details of the days events, read the transcript.

Inquiry adjourned until November 6th 2007
19-Sep-07 :: Only five days into the Inquiry after the summer recess and it has been adjourned until early November. This is as a result of the Highways Agency admitting to errors in the traffic model that will impact on their forecasts for Air Quality, Traffic, the Economic Case, Noise, and Policies and Plans. The full Environmental Statement was first published in 2006, then again in 2007 (this time including "Route Restraint", in an effort to appease the National Park. Within weeks of the Inquiry opening, the Highways Agency were again fiddling the figures, correcting mistakes, and published Errata to the 2007 documents. Now more mistakes are coming to light, and everything has ground to a halt. For full details of the days events, read the transcript.

Highways Agency admit to errors
11-Sep-07 :: Today the Highways Agency admitted they had found errors in their traffic model, and are at this stage unsure about the impact this will have on the scheme. The Inquiry has been adjourned until Wednesday 19th September, when the Highways Agency will return and inform objectors and the Inspector of the likely consequences of this error. For more information, read the article published in the Manchester Evening News.

Deadline for Submission of Evidence: Today!!
14-Aug-07 :: We submitted our evidence to the Inquiry today. The documents will be available on the Persona website (hard copies are in the Inquiry library at Stalybridge) but are also posted here for you to download. The Inquiry (recessed over the summer) will begin again in earnest on September 4th. More details are on the main Inquiry website.

EVENT: Nature Walk & Picnic, 19th August 2007
13-Aug-07 :: Details and directions are here. You can download the poster here.

Public Inquiry Starts on Tuesday 26th June
21-Jun-07 :: The long-awaited public inquiry starts at 10pm on Tuesday 26th June. It will be held at Stalybridge Civic Hall. Please try and be there if you can. If you're unsure how to get there, visit GMPTE's journey planner site to find out about public transport options. There are regular buses running from Glossop and Longdendale. If you're coming by car, please try and fill your car up with as many people as possible.

Deadline Extended Again!
22-Jun-07 :: The Highways Agency were later than anticipated so objectors have until 26th June to submit their proofs. See news page on Persona's website for details.

Deadline Extended: Highways Agency Late
15-Jun-07 :: The Highways Agency were late submitting their proofs of evidence, so objectors now have "extra time" to work on their submissions. The deadline will be extended by 1 working day for each day of delay. Persona Associates have confirmed that the deadline for submission is now 22nd June.

Letters from the Highways Agency
02-May-07 :: Many of you will have received a letter from the the Highways Agency, who are organising the Public Inquiry on behalf of the Highways Agency. In this letter you will have been asked to submit your statement of case. Click here for information.

Inquiry Website Set Up
30-Apr-07 :: The company Persona Associates will be organising the Public Inquiry on behalf of the Highways Agency. A website has been created that will be used to publish all the relevant information about the Inquiry (documents, dates, transcripts, etc). The website is located here:

Public Inquiry Dates Published
04-Apr-07 :: Details of the Pre-Inquiry meeting and Public Inquiry have been published today by the Highways Agency. Details are:

  • 1st May 2007: Pre-inquiry meeting at Stalybridge Civic Hall, Trinity Street, Stalybrige, SK15 2BN, starting at 10am. The meeting will be precided over by Mr John Watson BSc, FIHT, MICE, MCMI (appointed by the Secretary of State)
  • 26th June 2007: Start of the Public Inquiry

More details relating to the Public Inquiry process will be posted on this site shortly.

Consultation period for objections closes
02-Apr-07 :: The deadline for objections (30th March) has now passed. Thank you to those of you who objected for the first time, and others who wrote again to reinforce their initial objection (sent during 2006). As soon as we hear details about objector numbers from the Highways Agency, we will let you know. If you have sent an objection, you should receive written confirmation from the Highways Agency, your objector number, and details of the statutory process that will follow.

Peak District National Park Object to the Revised Plans
31-Mar-07 :: Today, the Peak District National Park Authority Members voted to object to the revised A616/A628 Bypass and Route Restraint Measures. They also tabled two additional recommendations, affirming their intention to revoke "in principle" support during the upcoming policy review. For full details, see the press release on their website.

Line Orders republished by the Highways Agency
14-Feb-07 :: On Thursday 8th February the Highways Agency republished the draft Orders for the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass. The consultation period is open until the 30th March. If you wrote in to object during the 2006 consultation period (which ended on May 5th 2006) your objection will upheld and you need to do nothing. We are looking into the fact that the Highways Agency are writing to people saying that objections they received after this time must be confirmed in writing to remain valid. We will post more information on this website as soon as we know more. For more information about objecting to the scheme, click here. To read about the impacts of the scheme (CO2, affect on local communities), visit the Impacts page.

Regional Assembly delay funding for the bypass
20-Jul-06 :: Delay, delay, delay! The North West Regional Assembly have announced moved the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass and the Glossop Spur schemes from the 2009/10 funding list to the 2015/16 list (see the DfT website for full details). This is very good news, but does not mean that everything is on hold. Tameside's councillors and MPs are lobbying hard to try and have this decision overturned and the Highways Agency are keen to progress the statutory processes irrespective of this funding decision. This means the Public Inquiry will still go ahead in 2007, though not as early in the year as they hoped. Announcements regarding the date for the main Inquiry and pre-Inquiry meetings are to be announced.

The calm before the storm...
30-Jun-06 - Now the official deadline for objections has passed and the consultation period is over, we can now stop jumping to the Highways Agency tune and get back on with running our campaign. The focus for the summer has been getting out and about to talk to local residents about the impacts of the scheme. See our events pages for more information about plans for the summer months.

South Yorkshire MPs Quiz the Minister over Bypass Plans
13-Jun-06 - MPs from Langsett and Barnsley have been pestering the minister over the bypass plans. Read the full Q&A on Hansard.

Deadline for Objections has passed
The official deadline for objectors to the A628 Mottram Tintwistle bypass has passed, but you can still send in an objection if you haven't already done so. The Highways Agency will accept objections up to three weeks before the start of a Public Inquiry. An announcement about the date of the public inquiry is expected by 2nd June.

Vivienne Westwood supports SSW
Vivienne Westwood, who grew up in Tintwistle, has sent us a letter of support! Click here for details.

Peak District National Park object to the bypass plans
7-Apr-06 –
The Peak District National Park are objecting to the bypass plans. Read their press release here.

Tintwistle Survey shows only 30% support a bypass
14-Mar-06 - See the press release for full details. Download the survey here.

Tree Dressing Event a Success!
06-Feb-06 - Over 40 supporters turned out to tie their tokens to trees on Lumb Lane, Hollingworth. Many thanks to everyone who braved the rain and mist. A summary of the event and some photos are on the Indymedia website. More photos are here.

Tameside and High Peak approve the Glossop Spur planning application
10-Dec-05 - Despite the best efforts of everyone involved in our campaign and all our supporters, Tameside and High Peak Councils approved their respective planning applications for the Glossop Spur road. For both applications, the majority of the letters were received were from objectors, but neither this - nor an objection from the Peak District National Park Authority - were enough to sway the Councillors involved in the planning decision. Although funding for the Spur road is still uncertain, it is likely that if the main bypass goes ahead, so will the spur. A copy of the objections sent in by our group can be downloaded here: Save Swallow's Wood Campaign's Objections to the Glossop Spur.

A628 Road Watch Information Added to the Website
28-Apr-05 - A new section has been added, providing details of accidents and disruptions that have occurred along the A628 route. This list is work-in-progress, so please contact us with any missing information on road closures, accidents, other disruptions to the route so that the table and related map can be updated.

The addition of this information to the site is significant. One of the primary arguments of the pro-bypass lobby, our Councillors, and MPs is that the bypass will improve safety for drivers and residents. Looking at the map, however, it is clear that the majority of accidents occur outside the line of the proposed bypass. Given that the Highways Agency has admitted a bypass will attract more traffic onto the A628 route, this surely seems a recipe for further increasing the danger levels along that route.

Save Swallow's Wood Joins Road Block
- A new national campaign against road building has been launched, and we've joined them. Road Block has been setup by veteran road protesters in response to the Governments u-turn on road building. It's aim is to support organisations like ours and bring together other campaign groups from around the country so we can all work together, sharing information, ideas, and achievements, and - perhaps most importantly - stay motivated. For more information, visit the Road Block website.

New Forum Launched
- A forum for discussion of the campaign, alternatives, and the view of local and non-locals alike has been added to the site. Please the forum site by clicking here. (You must subscribe if you wish to post messages.)

Craft Market Stall Takes Off
- Stalls on Glossop's Craft Market over the last two months have proved a success, with many new residents coming on board in support of the campaign, and many more signing the petition opposing the bypass proposals. Events such as these are proving vital to raising awarness amongst locals, many of whom have fallen for the much publicised view that the bypass will solve all their traffic problems. As many in Glossop are now finding out, this is not the case.

A Wet, Grey Padfield Plum Fair
21-Sep-04 - Friends of the Earth kindly granted us permission to join them on their stall at the Padfield Plum Fair on Sunday 14th September. It was cold, wet, and blustery. Still, that didn't stop people coming out in force, many of whom signed our petition and voiced their support for the campaign.

Success at the Mottram Show
20-Aug-04 -
Thank you to the hundreds of people who visited us at the Mottram Show this year and signed the petition. On the day we collected over 250 signatures for the petition and met many new supporters. Despite Glossop Chronicle turning down our invitation to report our success in their paper, we made a great start in bringing the campaign out to the people of Longdendale and Glossopdale, and received very encouraging support from almost everyone who visited our stall.

In addition to a brief visit from BBC Northwest's environment correspondent, we were supported by many of the Show's stewards as well as many people from outside the area, visitors to the Show, who are clearly as outraged by our Council's proposals as some of us are.


This along with other campaign news and details of forthcoming actions will be provided in the first campaign newletter, that will be published shortly. To sign up for the newsletter please sign the petition and select "Yes" at the bottom of the form before sending.
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