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Mottram Residents Speak Out Against Bypass Plans

28th February 2006

A well-attended meeting organised by Save Swallow’s Wood and Alternative Proposals for Transport on Saturday 25th February gave Mottram residents access to the latest information on the proposed Mottram Tintwistle bypass. As the Highways Agency exhibitions were held only in Hollingworth this was a welcome chance for residents of another affected area to see plans specific to their area and voice their concerns.

Several residents expressed their concerns about the impact of the cut-and-cover tunnel’s construction on the water table. They say they have been warned that any movement could cause structural damage to their properties and are unhappy that the Highways Agency is postponing the full geological survey until after the Public Inquiry.

Residents of the Lodge court area are worried that they will be surrounded by traffic on all sides, with over 53,000 vehicles forecast to use the cut-and-cover tunnel and 21,000 using Mottram Moor per day on the year of opening: an increase of 100% on current traffic levels. Other residents are unhappy about the disruption and noise that will be created by heavy construction traffic operating locally between 7am and 7pm and the fact that Old Road and Old Hall Lane will be closed for 18 months whilst this is in progress.

A spokesperson said:

“The Mottram Tintwistle bypass has massive support from Tameside Council, but locally support is waning as residents faced with the realities of the scheme feel that they have not been fully informed of the downsides. For every person who will see an improvement in air quality, someone else will suffer. For every person who will see a decrease in traffic, someone else will see an increase, and so on, yet if nothing is done and the bypass is not built, air quality and traffic volumes are set to decrease. A weight restriction, rail-freight via Woodhead, and demand management are the only sensible ways to solve local traffic problems. It is time our elected leaders represented the wishes of all their constituents instead of the vocal minority and supported the HGV ban.”


For more information, contact: Emma Lawrence, tel: 0845 226 3392

Notes for Editors:

[1] Save Swallow’s Wood and Alternative Proposals for Transport are two local groups campaigning against the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass. For more information, visit

[2] A new group has been setup in Mottram. See for details.

[3] The Environmental Statement for the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass forecasts that traffic will increase by up to 124% on the A628, and a 100% increase is predicted for Mottram on the year of opening. See

[4] The subsidence risk is documented in the Environmental Statement for the Mottram-Tintwistle bypass published by the Highways Agency. See for details.