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Nature Walk Success!

25th April 2006

© Richard Holland

On Sunday 23rd April, over 20 people turned out for a St. Georges day nature walk. The walk, organised by the Save Swallow's Wood and Alternative Proposals for Transport campaign groups, set off from Crossgate Lane, Tintwistle, taking people to the north of Arnfield Reservoir and through the Swallow's Wood nature reserve to the old beech tree, giving people a chance to see for themselves where the bypass will go - if it is built - and what will be lost.

Walkers were given wildlife checklist and encouraged to record what they saw so that the records can be passed to the county recorder. Prizes were awarded to the children who took part and completed their sightings sheet.

Emma Lawrence from Save Swallow's Wood said:

Every time I come here I can hardly believe that people think it is acceptable that this beautiful, peaceful site will be buried under a concrete flyover if the bypass is built. Bringing people out here today and encouraging people to look around them and stand in the line of the proposed route helps people to make an informed decision. With the Highways Agency forecasting increases of up to 133% on the A628, Ashworth Lane becoming the designated route for local traffic into Manchester, Mottram about to become a bridge over a 70mph dual-carriageway, people really have to question the validity of this proposal and ask themselves, will it really solve the traffic problem?

Campaigners are encouraging everyone to write in and object to the bypass plans before May 5th. For more information, visit the Save Swallow's Wood website (

Contact: Emma Lawrence (01457 765672) or Pat Ellison (01457 855820) for more information.
Photo opportunity: A group photograph is available from All images are copyright Richard Holland.

Notes for Editors:
[1] Save Swallow's Wood and Alternative Proposals for Transport are two local campaign groups against the Mottram-Tintwsitle bypass. Both groups support alternatives, such as a Park-wide weight restriction, road user charging, and rail-freight via Woodhead. See for more information.