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Here you'll find information about the birds, flowers, mammals, and other wildlife that inhabits the area around Cow Lane and Swallow's Wood, and Swallow's Wood itself. Click on a link below to see the list of sightings recorded so far.

A nature calendar is also provided, giving you an idea of what to see when.

Report wildlife sightings

Whether you regularly or occassionally walk in the area that will be affected, should the bypass be built, you can provide invaluable information simply by noting down what you see when you are out and about and filling in a simple recording form. All data that we receive will be collated and passed onto the Cheshire Biological Records Centre, rECORD.

Although we are particularly interested in species listed in the Cheshire and Greater Manchester Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs), any species - however commonplace you might think they are - is of interest. Whether you see wrens and lapwings on Cow Lane, or harebells and peacock butterflies around Swallow's Wood, please let us know.

Download the PDF reporting form

BTO BirdTrack

We are encouraging all our supporters to record their bird sightings on the British Trust for Ornothology's (BTO) BirdTrack website.

You can download a PDF list of bird species reported in an around the Swallow's Wood nature reserve here.


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