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Mottram Showground Features in a National Landscape Exhibition

17th June 2005

Land threatened by the A57/A628 bypass appears in a unique exhibition this June, when groups opposing road building hold a web-based exhibition of landscapes under threat. This is being timed to coincide with the exhibition 'A Picture of Britain' at Tate Britain. The 'Landscapes Under Threat' exhibition will run from the middle of June and can be found on the websites

'A Picture of Britain' is a major show exploring how the British landscape has inspired artists for three hundred years and how these artists have come to define the way in which we view the landscape. The parallel 'Landscapes Under Threat' exhibition will feature paintings and photographs of scenes that are under threat from current plans for new roads. It will be a reminder that the landscape is more than a museum piece, and its shape is largely determined by policy decisions.

A spokesperson for the Save Swallow's Wood campaign group said:

"Landscapes Under Threat will highlight how treasured landscapes are still valuable today, and cannot be permanently ruined for the sake of 10 minutes off a car journey, or for a short-term answer to congestion."

The online exhibition will run for the month of June on

For more information, contact: Emma Lawrence Tel: 0845 226 3392

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