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Time for Tameside to deliver a sustainable solution
01.11.10 ::
Read our latest press release in response to the announcement that the Government will not be funding the Mottram bypass.

Read our response
14-05-10 ::
We've uploaded our response to the LITS consultation. You can read it in full or download it from here.

Response to Tameside's LITS 'Consultation'
22-02-10 ::
Over the last couple of weeks, Tameside have been travelling around the local area asking for public opinion on the Longdendale Integrated Transport Strategy. The consultation is open until May 14th. Our initial response is here. We have until May 14th to respond (nicely timed until after the election) and will be publishing our full response shortly.

New pics from our fab Winter walk
09-01-10 ::
Thanks to everyone who came out despite the cold for a lovely and very wintry walk around the nature reserve. We've updated the gallery to a new format, so you can now view more of our photographs online. Pictures of today's walk can be viewed as a slide show here.

Join us for our Christmas Party and Quiz!
29-11-09 ::
We're please to announce our Xmas party and quiz on December 12th at the Bull's Head in Tintwistle. Please download one of our flyers (this one or this one). There are two fabulous hampers donated by Unicorn Grocery and The Peak of Health, as well as music from Steve Roberts, Phil Davies, and Tanglewood. It promises to be great night!

Another day, another bypass proposal
19-10-09 ::
Well, we didn't expect Tameside to let this one go, but recent press articles suggest they're working to a tight deadline. We want to reassure our supporters that we are continuing to oppose the road proposals and will be publishing information about Tameside's plans and how we will be opposing them as the information becomes available... so watch this space. For an update on what we think about Tameside's latest announcement about the Mottram Showground, check out our latest press release.

The inquiry is over, at last.
23-07-09 ::
Finally, the Orders have been withdrawn by both the Highways Agency (for the A628) and Tameside (for the Spur) and the inquiry is officially over. This is in part good news, but not a victory, as the latest information coming in is that Tameside are keen to press ahead with the Mottram (only) bypass under the guise of the "Longdendale Integrated Transport Strategy", which pays lip service to non-road alternatives but is really cover for their real (and only) plan, which is to build a road. The inquiry website closes on August 6th. The HA update here. We will be issuing our own release shortly. For comment, please call 0845 226 3392.

Highways Agency pull out of the inquiry!!
24-03-09 ::
More good news! Today the Highways Agency announced they're pulling out of the public inquiry. You can read their press release here and see our response here. We're not sure exactly what will happen next, so watch this space...

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